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Canley Crematorium

The Lodge, Cannon Hill Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 7DF
02476 785486
02476 693863
The improved facilities at Canley Crematorium, now allow us to offer a whole range of facilities that can be tailored to meet each clients specific and personal needs. In both of the chapels (Charter and Cannon Hill) every funeral is allocated sufficient time (45 minutes) to permit a full funeral service to take place. In most cases all individual requests can be catered for.

For each service an organ is available, to accompany the singing of hymns. Alternatively an extensive range of taped music is available. Provided sufficient notice is given any special ritualistic or musical requests may be accommodated, as can special arrangements, such as Morris Dancers, Scottish Pipers or Brass Bands taking part in the funeral.

Your Funeral Director will seek your guidance regarding the disposal of the cremated remains. Please do not feel under any pressure to make a decision regarding the cremated remains at the time of making the funeral arrangements. We are able to hold cremated remains in an appropriate way for a short time after the funeral. If you would feel that it would help you make a more considered decision please make use of this facility.

A few days after the funeral has taken place we will write to you with information regarding the range of memorials that have been specifically designed to commemorate those who have been cremated, in many cases the memorial can be linked to the last resting place chosen for the cremated remains.

Reviews (1)
byCHANDLEP, February 26, 2010
Unfortunately there are few reviews on crematoria for obvious reasons however a few comments on Canley may be helpful for others following use of the facilities for a cremation service in February 2010.
I would recommend Canley Crematorium for it's facilities, the lovely and peaceful grounds and good parking next to the chapel. We had no contact or dealings with anyone from the crematorium on the funeral day or before in relation to arrangements; I probably expected some form of written confirmation fronm the crem of the date and time to be assured everything was it place - however it may be quite normal not to have this (it may be that the funeral directors got this). On the day everything went according to plan and we had no complaints at all so would definitely recommend as a Crematorium.
However, I have only rated Canley as average because of initial contact experiences as follows:
1. The phone number quoted on Coventry Bereavement Services website was incorrect
2. When we did get a correct phone number, it was difficult to get through - not because the phone was busy but calls were simply unanswered and there is no voicemail; our funeral directors also had difficulty contacting the crem
3.When I finally got through to someone, the staff I spoke to seemed unfriendly and unhelpful and gave a clear impression that they had much better things to do than talk to me. They showed little interest in supporting my straightforward query at a difficult time and in the event I gave up.
This was disappointing and just a little empathy and support from the crematorium staff rather than disinterest would have made all the difference.
For a large crematorium like Canley, I would hope that at some point a good website will be setup with much more information, pictures etc than the current
basic FAQ's.
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