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Yardley Crematorium

Yardley Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B25 8NA
0121 675 8825
0121 706 9142

A Brief History

In 1883 the 8 acre Yardley Cemetery was opened to relieve the churchyard of Yardley Parish Church. On the extension of Birmingham's boundary in 1911, the administration of the cemetery was taken over by Birmingham Corporation. The cemetery is now some 64 acres, with the last extension of 35 acres occurring in 1921. Although the cemetery served the local community well, interest in cremation was growing, which led the City Council to adopt one of the chapels for cremation purposes. The crematorium was opened in 1952 and, during the first year, over 1200 cremations took place.

Grave Sections

Yardley Cemetery has no land for new graves as it reached capacity in 1962. Full interments, burial or scattering of cremated remains continue to take place in private family graves.

Grave Memorials

A wide variety of memorial designs are present within the cemetery, however the type of memorial permissible will be determined by the type of section in which a grave lies.

On a Lawn type section a headstone type memorial only is permissible. Kerbing, fencing or chippings are not permitted, however the ground may be cultivated up to 18" (46cm) from the headstone.

On a Traditional section a headstone and/or kerb set wich runs the length of the grave are permissible. Again no fencing is permissible.

A copy of the Rules and Regulations relating to the cemetery and crematorium can be obtained from the cemetery office.

Facilities Available

There is a waiting room, a vestry and toilet facilities, including provision for the disabled at the crematorium. The chapel has an induction loop system and hymn books in braille. An organist is available and CD's or tapes may also be played. It is easily accessible from the main drives and there is ample parking. On the three sides of the chapel are the Gardens of Remembrance for the reverent dispersal of cremated remains.

In addition to these are the Gardens of Remembrance located off the main driveway. These are laid out as lawns with flowerbeds and shrubs; seats are placed to harmonize with the surroundings and so provide visitors with a garden of rest and seclusion. The Memorial Rose Garden is located off the main driveway close to the crematorium chapel. There is no provision to scatter remains in this area.

Crematorium Memorials

A variety of memorials are available for the commemoration of a loved one. Please contact the office and we can provide a detailed information brochure and price list.

Memorial Kerbs

Memorial kerbs border the pathways in the Memorial Rose Garden. The memorial consists of a permanently fixed kerb base into which is set a commemorative plaque. They incorporate a flower vase for the placement of floral tributes.

Memorial Wall Plaques

Memorial walls are located on the Gardens surrounding the crematorium chapel and also in the Rose Garden.

Three colour options are available for the above types of memorials, and motifs may also be engraved. Both the kerbs and plaques can be provided with a photographic miniature if desired.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is on display in the memorial room at the crematorium. Entries are made by hand and a page is provided for each day of the year. Inscriptions can consist of 2, 5 or 8 lines and badges, floral motifs etc may be included with a 5 or 8 line entry at an additional cost.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches may be purchased in memory of a loved one. They may be placed in a chosen spot within the cemetery grounds in consultation with a member of the office staff.

Temporary Memorials
(up to 24 months)

These are available in 3 designs, Crosses, Hearts and Tablets, and can be ordered in Black or White.

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