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Kent and Sussex Crematorium

Benhall Mill Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 5JJ
01892 523894
Kent and Sussex Crematorium

At the Kent and Sussex Crematorium we wish at all times to present an atmosphere of peace and reverence. Visitors are always welcome to the grounds where we hope they may find comfort and consolation amid the beauty of the carefully landscaped setting.

Spring and summer planting is carried out annually and in the spring the grounds are a mass of flowering bulbs. Formal planting is carried out for the summer months to give added colour to the background of trees and shrubs. The Garden of Remembrance is maintained to the highest standards, in accordance with a prearranged plan. It is for this reason that the planting of personal flowers or the placing of floral tributes in the garden is discouraged, since such flowers rapidly die and spoil the beauty of the grounds. Wreaths and floral tributes may be left in the flower cloister, situated at the rear of the covered walkway (see plan on the inside of the front cover), where vases and flower racks are provided for this purpose. Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure where this is.

Please note that, with the exception of guide dogs, no dogs are permitted in the grounds.

Cremated Remains

Following any cremation, there remains a small quantity of cremated remains which are treated with due reverence at all times. In order that the final disposal of the remains may be carried out so far as possible according to your wishes, the following options are open to you at this Crematorium:

A) Burial

All remains left here are buried individually into the ground (i.e. without any urn or container). It is not the practice of this Crematorium to scatter them. They may be buried:

1 In the lawn at an unmarked but recorded spot. The burial will take place two weeks after the cremation. This is to give you time to decide on your final wishes. Room is left by each burial to allow a second person's remains to be buried beside the first at a later date (see note 2 below).

2 With the remains of another person previously cremated and buried in the Crematorium Garden. However, please bear in mind that the remains of only two people can be buried together.

You may, if you wish, witness the burial of the remains, in which case an appointment should be made with the office as soon as possible.

B) Removal

The cremated remains may be removed from the Crematorium either by you, your Funeral Director or other representative. A Funeral Director will usually provide an urn, but if any other person is collecting the remains we ask that you purchase one of our own urns to ensure that a proper container is used.

We will, if required, dispatch the cremated remains by post to any destination within the United Kingdom. If you wish to send them elsewhere your Funeral Director will probably be able to arrange this for you.

C) Temporary Retention

You may wish to consult other relatives regarding the final disposal of the cremated remains before making a decision. We can do this for one month after which a monthly charge is made. However, as storage space at the Crematorium is limited, we would ask that this facility is only used if absolutely necessary and that you notify the Registrar in writing as soon as possible after the cremation if you wish to do this.

NOTE: If none of these options was chosen when arranging the cremation with your Funeral Director and no instructions have been received by us one month after the day of the cremation, the cremated remains will be buried in the lawn as at paragraph A(1).

D) Burial within the Borough Cemetery

Cremated remains may be buried either in an existing grave belonging to the family, or alternatively a cremation plot may be purchased and the cremated remains interred within that plot.

The plot may be marked with a conventional headstone or tablet, and flowers may be placed on the plot.

Approximately six sets of cremated remains may be buried within the plot, enabling a `family' plot to be created.

Further details are available either from your Funeral Director or directly from the Crematorium.

Notes on Commemoration

Book of Remembrance:

The Book of Remembrance is on display in the Remembrance Room which is located on the corner of the buildings complex adjacent to the flower cloister.

The volumes of the Book of Remembrance are displayed in a glass covered cabinet to protect the beauty of the books and recorded inscriptions in perpetuity of those cremated at the Kent and Sussex Crematorium.

The book provides an inexpensive, permanent and dignified form of memorial which allows for the name and a suitable epitaph to be recorded.

The volumes are designed by craftsmen to last indefinitely, bound in leather, lettered and tooled in gold, inscriptions and motifs are hand-written and illuminated in the tradition of medieval manuscripts.

The book is open at the page for the day, although a particular entry may be viewed on request.

>A basic entry consists of two lines with the first line containing the name. Entries of five or more lines may include a regimental badge, or be decorated with a water-colour painting of a flower, bird, etc. which might have special significance for the family.

Entries for                                      Must be received by

1st Quarter                                               1st October
(1st January _ 31st March)

2nd Quarter                                              1st January
(1st April _ 30th June)

3rd Quarter                                               1st April
(1st July _ 30th September)

4th Quarter                                               1st July
(1st October _ 31st December)

Miniature Books of Remembrance and Remembrance Cards

These are copies of the entry in the Book of Remembrance and are dispatched by Registered Post as soon as they are received from the calligrapher, normally about 2 months from receipt of the order.

Kerb Memorial Scheme

Stone kerbing edges the rose beds, shrub beds and pond areas.

The plaques used for commemoration are made from cast bronze and lettered to individual requirements to record details of the deceased person.

The plaques are available for immediate dedication and the cost of the memorial is inclusive of the supply and engraving of the plaque.

The plaques can accommodate up to seventy letters and numbers, including any names or dates relatives feel are appropriate.

The plaques are dedicated for a period of fifteen years, after which they may be renewed for further periods of five years, if relatives so wish, on payment of the appropriate fee. We will write to you when this is due.

There is no limit to the number of renewals, thus ensuring the memorial can remain for as long as a relative may wish.

These simple arrangements are necessary because of the impossibility of forecasting costs and the need to ensure the gardens and Crematorium are passed to future generations with sufficient provision for their maintenance.

It is possible for relatives to select the position of the plaque, and, if so, this should be stated on the application form.

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