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Clydebank Crematorium

North Dalnottar, Mountblow, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, G81 4SL
0141 562 2412
Clydebank Crematorium

Clydebank Crematorium is part of the range of bereavement services offered by West Dunbartonshire Council. The crematorium is situated at the top of Mountblow Road, Dalmuir, Clydebank and can be easily accessed from the A82. The crematorium was opened in 1967 and is maintained to a high state of repair and decoration. The crematorium and its grounds enjoy spectacular views along the River Clyde to Dumbarton Rock.

The crematorium chapel can seat a congregation of 270, mainly on the ground floor with the balcony area, from where the organist plays, seating seventy persons. The waiting rooms, one to the east and the other to the west, each have visitor and disabled facilities, as well as a vestry for the service officiant. Visitors also have access to the Flower Room and the Hall of Remembrance to the rear of the crematorium.

The crematorium is divided into two areas, one for public use and the other for staff use only. The publicly accessible areas of the crematorium consist of the chapel with attendant facilities, Hall of Remembrance, Flower Room and grounds. The other areas of the crematorium are normally off limits to visitors, containing as they do a range of specialised and sophisticated equipment.

There are seven dedicated full time members of staff who contribute to the successful management and operation of the burial administration and cremation service. Three members of staff work from the administration office at Rosebery Place, Clydebank and four staff members work at the crematorium.

The administrative centre for the service is located at Rosebery Place, Clydebank. It is from here that the administrative duties in arranging cremations are undertaken. The public can visit these offices to arrange the purchase of a commemorative item or make personal enquiries, such as researching family burial information, genealogical research etc. It is here too that the burial records for the Council’s are stored and maintained.

Creating an environment to give comfort and peace to visitors has always been our priority. Further information on the services we provide is available at the crematorium, at our administrative offices and also on the West Dunbartonshire Council website. We are available to discuss your individual requirements and to show you around the chapel, the gardens, the Hall of Remembrance and our other facilities.

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