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Many people find it comforting to remember a deceased person with some form of memorial. Listed below are a number of ways in which the lives of relatives and friends can be commemorated at Worcester Crematorium.

Memorial Plaques

In the gardens surrounding the Crematorium it is possible to have a memorial plaque bearing your choice of epitaph to the deceased. There are various styles and sizes of plaque available. Epitaphs may contain as many as 120 letters and may be accompanied by hand painted illustrations.

Kerb Plaques are set on the edges of the paths of the Garden of Remembrance and feature one or two vases for the placing of flowers. A special facility can be arranged whereby the remains of the deceased can be stored in a vault with a Kerb Plaque. Wall Plaques are mounted on an exterior wall at the Crematorium. Please consult the accompanying form for full details.

Please note: of a Memorial Plaque conveys a right to display the plaque for a period of five years (Wall Plaques) or ten years (Kerb Plaques). It is possible to renew or extend the arrangement if desired. There is no provision for floral tributes with Wall Plaques.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is a permanent memorial that is on display every day of the year in the Hall of Remembrance at the Crematorium. A personal epitaph of up to 220 letters can be inscribed in the Book beneath the name of the deceased. In addition a colour illustration can be hand painted alongside the epitaph. The colour leaflet and application form accompanying this letter provides full details of the choices available.

It is also possible to order replicas of an inscription in the Book of Remembrance in the form of Miniature Books and Memorial Cards which provide a memorial for you to keep at home or to give to others. We can arrange for a small photograph to be inserted along with the inscription in Miniature Books and Memorial Cards.

A limited number of Individual Porcelain Vases are available for inscription with the name of the deceased. These are displayed in the Hall of Remembrance.

Please note: Purchase of an Individual Inscribed Porcelain Vase conveys a right to display the vase for a period of one year. It is possible to renew or extend the arrangement if desired.


Access To The Hall Of Remembrance For Viewing The Book Of Remembrance.

The Hall of Remembrance is open for viewing as follows:-

Monday To Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm

(10.00am to 6.30pm April 1st - September 30th)

Please note:- appointment is needed to view the Book, but if you wish to view a page in the Book other than the one on display, it will be necessary to contact one of our Chapel Attendants to turn the pages for you. In such cases it is wise to telephone before travelling to the Crematorium to ensure that the page you wish to view is available.


Living Memorials

Memorial Trees and Shrubs :- Many people prefer their memories to be preserved by the planting of a tree. Within the City of Worcester, the cemeteries are important green areas which provide a sanctuary for small wildlife and contain many mature examples of native and foreign trees. They are maintained in memory of all those whose remains lie there. A contribution to the maintenance and development of the cemetery by the sponsoring of a tree will help to ensure that it continues to fulfil this role in the future.

It is our intention to encourage a diversity of species of trees within the cemetery. Obviously the eventual size of a proposed tree, and the space that is available for it to grow, will affect the choices open to the sponsor. Choice of tree and its location must therefore be agreed with the Cemeteries Officer. We will try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible, but, please remember :

Planting Space Is No Longer Available In The Crematorium Lawns or Beds.

All Memorial Trees and Shrubs may be accompanied by a cast Bronze Plaque displaying an epitaph of up to 65 or up to 90 letters.

Where space permits, a circular bed is provided around the base of Memorial Trees which may be planted with bulbs and bedding plants etc.

Cremated Remains may be buried with all Living Memorials by appointment.

Please note: Purchase of a Living Memorial conveys a right to display a Bronze Plaque for a period of five years (Shrubs) or ten years (Trees). Where a Living Memorial fails to thrive during the display period a replacement will be provided. It is possible to renew or extend the arrangement if desired.

Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches can be sponsored and placed in suitable positions within the Garden of Remembrance and Cemeteries. One or two Bronze Plaques each with an epitaph of up to 60 letters may be fitted to the back rest.

Please note: Sponsorship of a Memorial Bench conveys the right to display a Bronze Plaque on it for twenty five years.

Please note: No Right of Burial is acquired by the purchaser of any right to display a plaque or inscription.

For sponsorship of a Living Memorial or Memorial Bench, application forms are available on request.

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